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While locations like California and Hawaii get the lion’s share of publicity when it comes to top surfing locations around the world, Costa Rica is somewhat of a hidden gem. Some of the best surf spots can be found on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. The Central Pacific Coast boasts some of the finest areas in Costa Rica such as the beautiful Manuel Antonio Beach and National Park, the secluded Isla Damas and the small surf village of Dominical which is located far from the throngs of tourists. This entire area is renowned for its gorgeous natural setting, its friendly inhabitants, and above all, the waves that draw surfers from all over the world. This is a beautiful spot where green hills meet the blue sky to form consistent waves. Thanks to a blessing of Pacific Ocean currents and the unique topology of the coastline, the waters off of Manuel Antonio Beach, Isla Damas and Dominical feature both left and right waves ranging from gentle swells ideal for beginning surfers to huge barrels that can challenge even the most experienced surfers. 

Costa Rica surfing is a unique experience because of two factors: the steady production of swells and breaks and the incomparable natural beauty of the area. Something about the warm sun, clear waters, and the fresh air just make the sport more enjoyable at a Costa Rica surf camp and school like MASS.  

Dominical beach

This beautiful place is a premiere surfing beach in Costa Rica and one of our favorites in the country.  If you are looking to build yourself as a great surfer this is an excellent option.  Dominical is one of the most consistent beach breaks that a surfer can find and is still uncrowded. The various beach breaks
of this town offer a full assortment of wave riding options from gentle, predictable and slow-rolling swells to large barrels as well as long both left and right waves. This makes Dominical the perfect destination for
all surfers from beginners looking to learn this fun sport, intermediate surfers looking to build their skills and advanced surfers looking for some fun and guaranteed waves.

isla damas beach

This is our exclusive surf spot. It is a completely secluded beach break and perhaps one of the most beautiful places to learn how to surf without anything or anyone else in sight, only the peace of nature.  This too, is a very consistent year round wave if you cannot find a wave anywhere else, you can always find a wave here.  Waves break left and right and you will often see beautiful barrels. All surf generations from the area have surfed here before. This is an unparalleled experience and the opportunity to experience true Costa Rica at its finest.

secret jurassic beach

This spectacular and private beach break is a hidden gem between the African palm and rice plantations.  This break may very well be the brother break to the main Dominical beach break and therefore also provides consistent waves at high tide with both left and right breaking waves.

Manuel antonio beach

Beautiful bay with a nice view of some islands. This is a beach break that is perfect for beginners. This is a shorter wave that breaks both left and right. When big swells hit the coast we will see big waves here as well. Manuel Antonio National Park is located in this beach this park is one of the most visited national parks in Costa rica 

quepos rivermouth

This is our favorite point break. This is a long left wave and one of the most perfect waves on the Pacific coast, though it only hits when there is a swell. This point break is great to surf in low tide. 

This is great spot for all levels.

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