We will start our beginners off with instruction on the beach.   Before entering the water we will teach you, in steps, how to pop-up on the board. We will then teach you how to correctly position your body once you are standing-up.  In the ocean we will take you into waves that are perfect for beginners and guide you through the process.  Our access to multiple breaks ensures that we will always find the perfect wave to learn on.  Our instructors have vast experience with beginners and we will guaranty that you will stand up before the end of the lesson. We are very practiced and patient with families and children.


We take our intermediate surfers out in any of our several breaks and then focus on improving your surf form.  We will watch closely to learn which aspects of your surfing can be improved and will show you how to do this.  We will provide feedback after every wave.  We will help to improve anything from paddling form to duck-diving to maneuvering on the board and reading the water. We work with photo feedback to help show where improvements can be made. For those surfing with us for multiple days, we sometimes offer video feedback


Our advanced surfers benefit from or immense knowledge of Costa Rica surf. We can bring our advanced surfers to the best breaks in the area and will always know where, on any given day, to find the best wave. All
surfers, no matter what skill level, can use tips to improve their skills and we will offer this to our advanced surfers.

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